Salem Sandwiches


Quarter 6.99          Half 9.99          Whole 17.99

What’s a Brickini? They’re Plum Tomato sandwiches stuffed with the freshest of ingredients inside our own Brickini bread. Brickini bread is a flat, handmade bread, brushed with olive oil, garlic, and other seasonings. Served warm.


Our own version of Italian bread. We start with perfectly proofed dough, shaped and risen, then baked to perfection in our brick oven. Sandwiches will never be the same once you’ve experienced these! Served warm.

Add chips and pickles or a side salad for 1.99

Turn any of our sandwiches into a salad 9.99

  • NEW The Big Buffalo

    Buffalo chicken, fresh mozzarella, onions, tomatoes, spinach, and bleu cheese dressing

  • The Big Tuna

    This one won't have to fake retirement to get to the Hall of Fame! Our own tuna salad with cheddar cheese, onions, tomatoes, bacon, and sprouts

  • The Caesar Salami

    This salami sensation could cause another Independent Council Investigation! Genoa salami, onions, tomatoes, red peppers, hot cherry peppers, provolone cheese, mixed greens, and our very own Caesar dressing

  • The Da Bomb

    A nuclear blast of flavor! Sliced turkey, bacon, provolone cheese, tomatoes, sprouts, and Russian dressing

  • The Elton

    I hope you don't mind. I hope you don't mind that I put down on bread... Chicken, broccoli, cheddar, cheese, spinach, and ranch dressing

  • The Hannibal

    The brain is a terrible thing to waste. So we settled for ham. Ham, cheddar cheese, onions, tomatoes, spinach, and our own honey citrus dressing

  • The Titanic Turkey

    This baby could sink a ship without an iceberg! Sliced turkey, mixed greens, sprouts, onions, tomatoes, and provolone cheese with our own chutney dressing

  • The Mad Cow

    Even Oprah would ask for the beef after sampling this creation. Thinly sliced roast beef, fire roasted red and green peppers, onions, mushrooms, and American cheese with our own horseradish sauce

  • The Magic Garden

    You don't have to be a rabbit to enjoy this veggie sandwich! Mixed greens, onions, tomatoes, red and green peppers, mushrooms, black olives, and feta cheese with our own chutney dressing

  • The Mama Mia

    Mama Mia that's a gooda meat-a-ball! Plum-made and Plum-terrific meatballs, sauce, roasted red and green peppers, onion, ricotta, and provolone cheese all heated together

  • The Sammy the Bull

    You'll be forced to squeal after tasting this combo! Chunks of chicken roasted in our brick ovens, bacon, onion, tomato, gorgonzola cheese, spinach, and creamy garlic dressing

  • The Vinny Sandwich

    Likely to become your best friend! BBQ sauce, BBQ chicken, bacon, onion, and gorgonzola cheese

  • The Charlie

    Charlie never made it into this one! Sorry Charlie. Tuna salad, onion, tomato, and cheddar cheese

  • The Mario

    This Italian creation is so good, it could help crack the code! Salami, pepperoni, ham, provolone cheese, sliced plum tomatoes, and mixed greens with balsamic vinaigrette dressing

  • The Anthony

    According to Tony, this one is grrrreat! Eggplant, artichokes, onion, tomato, provolone and feta cheeses, spinach, and creamy garlic dressing

  • The Ali

    You'll have to be a heavyweight champion to handle this one! Sausage, onion, provolone cheese, and red and green fire roasted peppers

  • The Horton

    He meant what he said and he said what he meant, this sandwich is great 100 percent! Eggplant, provolone cheese, Romano, and marinara sauce

  • The CPD

    Don't get caught speeding trying to get here for this one! Chicken, provolone cheese, Romano, and marinara sauce

  • The Mona Lisa

    A masterpiece that would even put a smile on her face! Chicken salad, broccoli, sliced plum tomato, and cheddar cheese

  • The Grisham

    The verdict is in! Guilty of exceptional goodness! Roast beef, onion, red and green peppers, gorgonzola, and mixed greens with our own creamy garlic dressing

  • The Napolean

    This is one "dynamite" combination. Ham, bacon, onion, and cheddar cheese with our own delicious honey mustard dressing

  • The Tater Tail

    It not only tastes just like chicken... it is actually chicken! It's our own oven roasted chicken breast turned into the best chicken salad you'll ever taste. Topped with sliced plum tomato, onion, and provolone cheese.