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Bailey Pizza Party

Come and experience what it’s like to be one of our pizza chef’s for the day by joining us for one of our famous “Make Your Own Pizza” parties! Our staff will teach your child and birthday party guests the methods for making a pizza, Plum Tomato style!

Children will come into our open kitchen and perform all of the steps for making a magnificent pizza, but obviously, the best part is enjoying the masterpiece that they have created. Parties are held only at our Colchester location.


 Birthday FAQ’s

When do the birthday parties take place?

Birthday parties are held on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings at 10:00am. We insist that the parties be held at this time in order for the children to have the safest experience in our kitchen.

How old do the children need to be to participate?

All children must be five years of age to participate in the pizza making. If the children are not five, we reserve the right to cancel the party.

How much does the pizza-making party cost?

$12 per child.

What is included in that price?

You will have both a server and one of our kitchen staff assisting your party. Children are allowed to make a 10 to 12 inch pizza, choice of cheese or pepperoni, and have unlimited drink refills (at the parent’s discretion). We will provide all paper and plastic ware (i.e. forks, plates, napkins, cups). Parents may bring their own eating utensils if they choose to. We do not provide a cake.

How long does the party usually last?

Depending on the number and age of the children, we find that most parties last about two hours.

How many children to you suggest for this type of party?

We recommend that anywhere from 5-15 kids is an appropriate number for what our facility can offer.

How does the party work?

The party begins with our kitchen staff introducing themselves to the children. During this time, we talk to the children about what they are going to be doing as well as going over important rules of the kitchen. We also tell the children their options for drinks (at the parent’s discretion).

Next, all of the children are led by the birthday boy/girl to our hand sink, where they wash their hands. Our server is there to assist them as well as take down their names and drink orders.

Children then enter the kitchen where they are given a dough ball. They are instructed to pound the dough using a “finger-tip and drum” method. They then are taught how to stretch and toss their dough. After their dough is the appropriate size, they move to the next station where they will put their toppings on the pizza. Our staff will closely monitor the amount of sauce and cheese the children put on their pizza. The pizza is then cooked in our brick oven which usually takes anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes. Children are allowed to watch their pizza cook. When the pizza is done, our staff will cut the pizza and escort the child back to the table with their pizza and drink.

When the children are done eating, our staff will provide boxes for leftovers if needed. Parents are encouraged to open presents and eat cake at this time.

*** For safety reasons, we ask that all children participating in pizza making are at least five years of age. Children should wear closed-toed, flat shoes. Children with long hair should wear it tied back.

Besides a cake, is there anything else I should bring?

We have found that some parents will bring an activity for the children to do while they are waiting for all of the guests to arrive. However, we do not feel that it is necessary for the children to have an additional activity. If you should choose to provide an activity, we allow projects that encourage the children to stay seated. We discourage activities such as painting, beading necklaces, clay, and piñatas that would create a large mess for our staff to clean up.

How do I reserve my child’s party?

Send us a message including your name and contact information, the name and age of the birthday child, dates preferred, and approximately how many children. We recommend that you book your birthday party at least a month in advance in order to reserve your preferred date.

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